Kaashuis Tromp

In his small shop that is also packed with every imaginable cheese, Wim Tromp, owner of the Tromp cheese house in Bloemendaal, has also found a place for a number of our wines. If you order a cheese fondue in his shop as a guest, you will not get away without a bottle of VANDENBELD Sec, because he does not ask if you already have wine at home. But he asks if you already have cheese fondue wine, well and then you will definitely go home with a bottle of VANDENBELD. Wim Tromp is a welcome guest on our domain, he regularly comes by to inspect his “own row of vines”. We can therefore heartily recommend a visit to his shop. You will find our VANDENBELD Sec, Rosé and Rouge and also VANDENBELD BQ of different vintages. You can also buy a bottle of PINO, indispensable for a fine cheese platter.