In the year of 2009 we did our first botteling of magnums. We decided to bring the vintage of 2007 on the market in this magnificent bottle of 1,5 liter. We wanted to add this to our growing assortment of wines and vintages, just because we thought that a real winemaker should have a magnum in his assortment. And so it started… The content of the magnum is actually no different than that of our BQ wines(oak aged). However the maturing of the wine in the bottle is a little slower than that in a normal bottle (0,75 liter). And if you want to impress your friens/guests just put a few of these bottles on your dinner table. In the summer when we have many dinner guests at our table, occasionally we put some magnums on our table, depends on what’s on the menu. Success assured!

Grape : Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
Volume : 1.5 L
Barrel type : French Oak
Alcohol : 13%

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