Domaine de la Rogère

Domaine de la Rogère used to be a domain of 300 hectares. Families lived there who were completely self-sufficient. It was therefore a mixed farm with cows, arable farming, and viticulture. There were several buildings on the domain, the oldest of which probably dates from the 17th century. There are also stories of a noble family who lived there with a countess at the head of the family. In the 19th century, the then owner sold a piece to the autoroute, in this way the construction of the A89 could take place. During excavations at the time, remains of a Roman house have been found, the construction of the highway was considerably delayed. There was also supposed to be parking lot with a petrol pump on our side of the domain, but it was ultimately not built.

Navigation systems in cars still indicate that there is an exit on our side, much to the confusion sometimes of visitors who come to us for the first time. When we bought the domain in 2002, it consisted of 37 hectares, of which 20 hectares was planted with vines. There are also about 13 hectares of meadows and 4 hectares of forest. The soil consists mainly of clay, gravel and calcareous soil that is difficult to cultivate, but offers an excellent soil for the grape varieties that are planted. The small road that runs across the domain was used by the villagers to cut off the road to the area behind it called Litout. When we came to live there, we had the back entrance of our domain overgrown to put an end to the cars driving through at high speeds on our property.