The market in Sainte Foy la Grande

On Saturday, you will find the region’s liveliest market here.
This middle sized town is a half-hour drive from our domain. A nice route over winding little roads through a forest and passing apple orchards will lead you to the busy center of Sainte-Foy-La-Grande. It may be a bit difficult to find a place where to park your car, but there should be sufficient space a little further away from the center. A stroll through the streets will take you to the heart of the town, which lives up on Saturday, when it becomes the designated spot for the crowds.
Find a spot on the terrace under the arcades on the square in the middle of all the ado (behind the fish stand and that of the horse butcher). Enjoy a nice cup of coffee and do not hesitate to grab a pastry from the nearby bakery. The café where you are sitting does not mind its customers consuming goods from somewhere else, since they do not offer this themselves.

A little further away, you will find another square, where we recommend you find yourself a spot at the end of the morning. There is a cheese stand held by a Dutch lady, as well as a stand where small cattle is being sold (chickens, rabbits, etc.)
The restaurant where you are sitting is the perfect place to enjoy a nice beer and a portion of homemade fries. The view of the market comes with it for free!