• When : Wednesday and saturday
  • Location : The big square near the Cathedral
  • Distance from the B&B : One hour drive

The market in Périgueux

Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days in the town of Périgueux. On the great square near the cathedral (Place de la Clautre), but also on the smaller squares in the town’s center, there are small stands with all kinds of French delicacies. On the smaller Place de Coderc, you will find the ”Hall de Coderc”, where you can take a closer look at tiny enterprises that offer handmade product and local specialties. Personnally, we take great pleasure in visiting the square’s cheese stand.

Marché au gras

On certain days of november, there is a special so-called ”Marché au gras” (”Grease Market”, do not be misled by the name), which completely revolves around duck, walnut, chestnut, and other regional specialties. There are tastings, cooking demonstrations, all accompanied by some jolly music out in the street.

Marché au truffes

Between early december and the first half of february, a Marché aux truffes (”Truffle market”) takes place every Saturday morning on the Place Saint-Louis. On this little square, you will find a restaurant carrying the same name, which is a good place to lunch. Order a Salade Périgord and you will get a plateful of delicious specialties from the region. Though the burger with homemade fries is always a good alternative.

Christmas market

The whole month of december, the square Place Bugeaud, located in the city’s center, hosts the Christmas market. A skating rink is built for the occasion, and around it are a number of small stands offering specialties from various French regions. Christmas music is played all around and the streets are all cosily decorated.