• When : Wednesday
  • Location : Near the city hall
  • Distance from the B&B : 15 minute drive

The market in Montpon

Montpon is a small town located close to our property. It is our go-to town when we need to do groceries. On the outskirts of the town, there is a relatively large shopping center, with a few supermarkets, a gas station, and a hardware store. Sadly, the development of this site has had consequences for the city center, where smaller businesses have felt its effects.
On Wednesdays however, the center blossoms during the market. Local farmers proudly present their homegrown vegetables, freshly bakes bread, and homemade meals. The market is nice to visit, and while you are doing so, take a moment to visit the bakery on the main road. It has an old-fashioned wood oven, in which the bakers still bake their bread. Follow the main road to the next square (where the office of tourist information is also located) for the rest of the market.