About VANDENBELD Exclusive Wines

In 2002, we left the Netherlands with our three children to take up a new challenge. We purchased a vineyard, and after a couple of years of hard work, we decided it was time to take the next step. We built four luxurious guestrooms beneath the beams of our farm.
In the meantime, our wines have become available on multiples locations in the Netherlands. Our rooms and especially our arranged dinners under the starry French evening sky have become esteemed by many.
Our son has since joined us and the three of us (combining our forces with occasional seasonal workers) we will attempt to give you an unforgettable holiday experience.Come and see for yourself, book a room between the grapes.

Behind vandenbeld wines

Michel van den Beld

Being the host and winemaker, Michel values care and conviviality. In the evening, he will take a seat at the dinner table to tell you all about the wine he produces and explain just why this glass of wine should go with that type of dish (which just happens to be on your plate).
During the day, Michel can usually be found either in the vineyard, taking care of various daily jobs, or in the ”chai”, where he closely surveys the production of the wine.
He will gladly tell you all about the process of making wine while showing you around.

Erica van den Beld

Being the hostess and the cook, Erica’s undisputed domain is the kitchen. In the afternoon, she happily puts on her apron to immerse herself in her culinary exploits with only one goal in mind: spoiling her guests in every way possible.
From her chosen spot in the background, she is the driving factor of both the family, and the company.

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Stan van den Beld

As a wine farmer and designated successor, Stan is still discovering all the different aspect of the company. Already, he has realised that the tractor in the middle of the vineyard is the place to be for him. He also thoroughly enjoys good food, so he too can often be found at the dinner table.
Aside from his tasks in the vineyard, he also occupies himself with everything to do with the websites, brochures, photography and marketing of the company.